Enhance Your Business with Innoinstant’s Voice Call API & SDK

Communication that refines user engagement

Multi-device support

With our Voice calling API solutions receive and make calls with a wide range of devices leading to a huge potential audience for your app.

Multi-platform support

Create a voice communication app that is compatible across platforms; be it Android or IOS or web, deliver a stable application with Innoinstant.

Custom Third-Party Integrations

Expand your reach, improve audience retention & engagement by integrating voice call APIs & SDKs with third-party chat and pop-up apps.


Innoinstant offers a tailor-made communication platform with a customizable voice call SDK & API. Create your own interactive voice communication app that suits your business needs.

On cloud / On premise deployment

Build your cloud-based voice calling app or Self-hosted API voice call solutions on your premise with complete control and flexibility of your source code.

Low latency

Build a voice chat app that ensures highest quality audio calling and delay free group audio calling with ultra-low latency voice call API and SDK support.

Quick launch

Our voice calling SDKs & APIs are easily customizable for a quick launch. Build a stand-alone app or integrate voice into existing applications in no time.


Create sustainable voice communication and engage millions of users with our scalable voice calling SDKs and APIs that can accommodate futuristic needs.


Ensure a secure and safe voice communication app by routing the calls through a secure channel with end-to-end industry standard AES encryption.

Step up Your Business with Powerful Voice Calling Features

Customizable voice call APIs & SDKs for a constructive business communication

Group voice calling

Group voice calling

With Innoinstant’s robust cross-platform and multi-device support, create real-time one-to-many group calls with seamless PSTN & SIP connections.

In-app calling

Facilitate immersive communication experience and improve audience retention at every step possible with easy integration of in-app voice calling features.

Voice broadcast

Create and broadcast bulk voice notes with outbound phone calls and bridge telecommunication gaps with reminders, notifications, promotions and feedback.

SIP calling

Move your existing PBX phone system to the cloud with a reliable, scalable and cost-effective integration of VoIP and SIP API for voice communication.

PSTN calling

Reach out to users on landline, mobile, or skype without boundaries. Deliver high-quality voice calling experience from IP to PSTN and vice versa,

WebRTC integration

Improve business efficiency and direct user-application engagement with the help of WebRTC by enabling incoming & outgoing calls directly from your browser.

Virtual Numbers

Create local and international virtual numbers without a physical telephone by establishing an easy setup between PSTN and VoIP systems.

Call Masking

Connect two parties with complete data security. The call masking feature ensures customer privacy with anonymization of the customer's phone number.

Text to speech

Reach out to a bigger audience with minimal effort. Our text to voice call API helps convert text into a voice that can be broadcasted.

Automated voice message

Keep your audience updated and connected using automated voice messages that deliver reminders, alerts and updates with our communication API for voice.

Call recording

Record unlimited calls and voicemails that can be securely stored and retrieved. This helps in improving the quality of service with prompt reviews.

Call hold

Allow users to hold/pause the call and resume anytime during the conversation. Keep the audience in the loop and reduce reconnection time.

Voice controls

Create an intuitive computer-human interface with acute voice recognition and voice control features. Adapt to more futuristic needs keeping the cost & effort limited,

Web sockets

Connect calls to third-party servers like Amazon/ IBM from your server using Innoinstant’s voice API. Keep the connection open over IP without additional HTTP requests.

Reminder voice messages

Create timely reminders with voice messages. Communication APIs for voice allow you to send personalized and bulk reminders with customizable features.

Interactive voice responses

Our voice communication APIs can handle automated interactive voice responses that can engage and manage customer support and audience requests with limited manpower.

Voice-Based Alerts

Widely broadcast personalized critical alerts and updates as recorded voice notes to your users. Ensure delivery of alerts and receive feedback with interactive custom APIs.

Caller ID

Display credible and readable virtual numbers as Caller ID while making outbound calls. Create and modify simple characters to set your identity.

Innoinstant’s Simple Yet Powerful Audio-conferencing APIs

Advanced & scalable conferences for web & mobile apps

Experience real-time conferencing at a large scale with our voice conference APIs

Innoinstant’s voice conference APIs are capable of creating fully customizable audio conferences.

  • Scalable to ‘N’ number of users with high-quality connections
  • Real-time communication with low-latency and noise cancellation
  • Simple & powerful integration of audio into existing mobile & web apps

Create an Impact with Real-time Interactive Voice Chat

Impactful connections across devices & platforms

  • Personalize conversations

    Make meaningful connections with your users using our high-quality latency-free SIP APIs for voice communication. Our voice call APIs & SDKs are fully customizable to business needs. Improve customer retention by keeping your users invested with personalized real-time conversations.

  • Increase engagements

    Give your customers an experience like no other by embedding voice calling features into existing applications. Add customer-specific features and personalized communications in your voice chat for greater engagement and enhanced connection.

  • Reach globally

    Innoinstant offers seamless integration of voice calls with VoIP, PSTN and SIP calling. Our APIs can effortlessly connect browsers and traditional phone lines, thereby allowing you to reach out to your users globally across any device or platform with no restriction.

Strengthen Engagement & Relations with Analytics Dashboard

Insights that enhance experience & outcome

User count

Track call volumes to understand and manage the traffic. Create custom reports with real-time call logs for detailed performance analysis.

Call status

Track and report the status of all your calls inbound and outbound calls and categorize them as missed or received or on hold.

Call duration

Track and report the duration for which a call is in progress with users. Call duration reports help understand user engagement and prospects.

Admin control

Setup administration control in your voice application and moderate functions. Manage hand handlings and phone numbers and create detailed reports.


Track & sort the location of the phone numbers by county and area code. Route calls by location to ensure personalized engagement.

Device & platform

Monitor the type of device and platform from where the user engagement happens. Report and analyse by platforms to build custom call logics.

Easy Integration of Voice Calling into your Web or Mobile App

Seamlessly embed fully customizable conference solutions

WebRTC communication

Embed powerful WebRTC-based voice calling solutions into your applications with flexible voice call SDK for Android, IOS and Java voice call API for web & mobile. Our WebRTC-powered solutions are:

  • Easy to integrate
  • Customizable & scalable
  • Highly secure & robust with STUN/TURN integration setup

SIP and VoIP calling

Relish unlimited high-quality voice calling experience with our robust SIP & VoIP calling infrastructure. Ensure powerful communication & scalability with SIP/VoIP trunking along with:

  • Cost-effective communication on the cloud
  • Multiple connectivities across devices and platforms
  • Advanced call control & industry-standard quality

Redefining Business Communication with Instant Connection

Better team connection from wherever they are

Push to talk solution

Establish PTT connections over the internet instantly on-demand without a cellular plan.

  • Connect across any device, any platform any industry
  • Secure direct & group calls over IP
  • Instant connectivity with cost control


Embed a simple click-to-call button in your app and convert a visit into a prospect.

  • Easy & instant connection of customer to business
  • Redirect automated chats to customer support calls
  • Easy tracking and monitoring of calls

IVR system

Incorporate an Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system to ensure instant response and engagement.

  • Automate responses and gather information for business
  • Handle large call volumes and route potential calls faster
  • Ensure Secure transactions & customer satisfaction

Build for any Platform with Powerful Programming Languages

Outstanding performance unvarying across devices & browsers


Programming languages

Safe & Secure Voice calling

Cherishing communication with protection Facilitating communication with reliability

End-to-end encryption

Innoinstant’s end-to-end voice call encryption ensures user privacy and trustable conversations. Secure direct & group calls made over any IP-based network.

AES Encryption

Our algorithm converts audio signals to texts before transmission for a secure communication. Lightweight AES encryption ensures faster transmission at the highest quality.

Infrastructure security

API requests and responses interact with the central infrastructure via a secure API gateway acting as the safe access point to the modern architecture,

Secure protocol

Protect your calls with Secure Real-Time Transport Protocol (SRTP) & HTTPS authentication that provide encryption, message authentication, privacy and data integrity.

Customized Voice Communication for Every Industry Need

Crossing boundaries with meaningful connections

  • Healthcare
  • Enterprise
  • Gaming
  • Logistics
  • Dating
  • Customer support
  • On-demand services

Make Business Defining Connections with our Voice Call APIs & SDKs

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