Design High-quality In-app Video Calling Applications

Improve your application’s reach & engagement with feature-rich Video Calling APIs & SDKs

Absolute Adaptability

Innoinstant’s Video chat APIs & SDKs deliver an uncompromised performance across any platform, browser or device. Extend your audience by Integrating video calling apps into your web & mobile (Android or iOS) platforms.

Fully customizable

Create a 100% customizable video calling solution with Innoinstant’s flexible & feature-rich Video call APIs & SDKs. Cater your audiences’ unique needs and facilitate personalised video streams and seamless in-app video calling interfaces.

WebRTC technology

Innoinstant ensures safe video conferencing and secure video chat rooms. All your communications are end-to-end protected as our video calling SDKs & APIs are in-built with the most secure & reliable WebRTC technology.

Native mobile SDK

Native Mobile video call SDKs offer extremely high performance for your iOS or Android applications. Dedicated & platform specific video chat SDKs ensure an interactive and intuitive video chat app.

Easy Integration

Integrate video calling and conferencing features into any product or existing application using efficient video call APIs & SDKs. Innoinstant ensures a seamless 3rd party integration with customizable video calling features.

HD enabled calling

Host high quality video conferencing and calling with HD enabled video calling software. Our video call SDKs & APIs guarantee seamless communication and interaction with seamless compatibility with any external platform.

Enhance Engagement with Comprehensive Calling Experience

Wide range of features for an interactive & efficient communication

  • Direct video

    Direct video calling

    Dial & connect on one-to-one video calls in high-definition.

  • Group video calling

    Video chat APIs for scalable & interactive group calls.

  • Camera Switching

    Enable video chat applications with swift & easy camera switching.

  • Call Recording

    Record video calls & presentations on a secure & encrypted cloud space.

  • Breakout Room

    Create private & small group calls with breakout rooms.

  • Host Control

    Create personalised host control options for well-guided communication.

  • Moderated Entry

    Monitor and manage live video conferences moderated by the host.

  • Lobby and Waiting Room

    Allow participants to wait in the lobby until the meeting begins.

  • File Sharing

    Experience secure & simple file sharing with an unlimited number of users.

  • Room Lock

    Secure rooms with locks & allow participants only with the host’s permission.

  • Screen Sharing

    Real-time screen/application sharing with customizable annotation features.

  • Call Analytics

    Track engagement with detailed call metrics ranging from age to interests.

  • Call History

    Keep track of the communication with options to view & delete call history.

  • Call Muting

    Customizable call muting options both at the user and the host end.

  • Presenter Control

    Share screen, documents & annotate with complete presenter controls.

  • Whiteboarding

    Dial & connect on one-to-one video calls in high-definition.

  • Interactive Broadcasting

    Interactive tools for engaging broadcasts of live events & meetings.

  • HIPAA & GDPR compliant

    Regulated data protection and privacy with HIPAA & GDPR compliance.

  • Multiple Moderators

    Allow more than 1 moderator to run and manage the conference.

  • Background Effect

    Blur or change background with customizable background effects.

Enterprise-Grade Security & Compliance Standards

High-end secure & privacy-focused infrastructure for all types of connections

End-to-end encryption

Innoinstant ensures that every single conversation, message, photo, video, file and call is end-to-end encrypted.

User Authentication

Verified and authenticated access to the platform with two-step verification and token-based access control.

Media Encryption

All media published in conference rooms and one-to-one meetings are sent over secure connections encrypted at both ends.

Infrastructure Security

Meeting solutions with industry-standard AES-level security that protects video content and metadata at the infrastructural level.

HIPAA Compliant

Innoinstant’s video calling solution ensures HIPAA compliance that protects sensitive data from exposure and misuse.

GDPR Compliant

Innoinstant complies with General Data Protection Regulation to provide privacy protection for EU users irrespective of their geographical location.

Harness the Power of Video Chat API

Enable rich & real-time communication experience with Innoinstant’s customizable video call APIs

Securely Built on WebRTC Technology

Innoinstant’s core functionality is built on the most secure and reliable voice & video calling technology, WebRTC. With inbuilt encryption and reliable session establishment, WebRTC facilitates advanced video and voice quality.

  • Adaptive network solution that enables multiple media streams
  • Interoperability-abled with existing voice and video systems
  • Fastest way to transport video across the internet

STUN/TURN server setup

A STUN/TURN server setup for the WebRTC application helps in identifying the public IP of a client and relay the traffic, which otherwise is not always possible with a direct socket.

  • Systematic way of finding possible communication options.
  • Bypass uncertainty with media relays through the geographically nearest relay point
  • Cost-effective low-latency media distribution

Experience Interactive & Engaging Communications with Dynamic Apps

Grow your business with personalised video solutions that seamlessly connect and collaborate

Live Video Rooms

Enhance your users’ experience with easy integration of live video rooms into your application. Our APIs offer pre-built and custom layouts for an interactive session.

  • Unlimited participants & hosts
  • Private messaging
  • HD video calls
  • Call recording
  • Virtual background

Low Latency Live Streaming

Innoinstant’s low latency live streaming offers an experience that is real and captivating. From one-to-one video chats to audience-engaging & interactive broadcasts, we have got it covered.

  • Adaptive live streaming
  • Live chat
  • Polls & comments
  • Virtual events
  • Webinar

Video Conferencing

Create a collaborative environment with Innoinstant’s high-quality video conferencing solutions. Engage your customers, employees and peers in a productive & secure video conferencing space.

  • Direct messaging
  • HD video
  • Integrating whiteboard
  • Unlimited recording
  • Screen sharing

In-app Video Calling

Expand your reach and grow your business with Innoinstant’s easy-to-integrate in-app video calling features. Establish impactful connections across mobile, web, or desktop applications.

  • Real-time chat
  • File sharing
  • Media sharing
  • Recording
  • Group calling

Innovative & Industry-specific Video Calling Solutions

Reinforce revenue growth & community building with business transforming real-time communications

  • Education
  • Telehealth
  • Social
  • Gaming
  • Team Collaboration
  • IoT Devices

Go above & beyond with our rich & tailored video calling solutions

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