Feature Rich Messaging API and SDKs for an Engaging Chatting Experience

Build chat applications for Captivating real-time connections


Build an app with chat API and SDK that can adapt to changing traffic and business needs. Our highly scalable architecture can accommodate millions of users and concurrent sessions.

Fully Customizable

Innoinstant offers a 100% customizable chat application that entirely suits your business needs. From small features, UI designs to complex functionalities, build an end-to-end customized messaging app.

On-premise deployment

Improve compliance and privacy standards with our On-premise deployment option. Deploy and run the application in your premise without API changes and hold complete control over your data and business.

Quick launch

Our chat APIs & SDKs are fairly simple to put into use to quickly build a messaging app. Choose your features and functionalities and enter the market in no time.


Innoinstant values communication and takes data security very seriously. The integrity of every message, file and user data is kept intact for a trusted user experience.

Resilient Infrastructure

Ensure a reliable and resilient application with an architecture meticulously structured at all levels. Our best-in-class security and compliance not only delivers high performance but also a failure-withstanding platform.

Build Chat Application that Engage & Connect with Your End-users

Optimal chat APIs & SDKs for constructive communications

Engaging In-app messages

Engage your users with meaningful messages and keep them invested. Improve your sales and revenue with proactive messaging.

  • Chat SDK for Android and IOS
  • Personalized in-app conversations
  • Real-time private and group chats
  • Robust messaging API for web and mobile

Immersive chats in Live streams

Give your audience the immersive experience of being present in a live concert or sports event.

  • Create a chat app plugged in to live streaming like YouTube
  • Real-time engagement for audience retention
  • Create a chat application that’s highly scalable and customized

Integrate chat into existing applications

With native messaging APIs and simple Chat SDKs, integrate chat into existing applications (like medical apps with instant Doctor-Patient messaging).

  • Quick integration with simple codes
  • Empower business of enterprise & social media apps
  • Keeps users informed with internal CRM webhooks

Team Collaboration App

Build Chat Apps to virtually collaborate and connect with teams and maintain a healthy and rich remote culture.

  • Dedicated team chats with collaborating features
  • Organized conversations and simple file sharing
  • Set up a streamlined workflow with improved employee engagement

Discover Compelling Features to Build the Ultimate Chat Application

Compatible Messaging Solutions

Chat experiences that keep the users hooked

Building an instant messaging application is now simpler and faster with Innoinstant. Keep your users engrossed with structured & interactive conversations. Incorporate various features for better business outcomes with our reliable and secure chat services.

  • File sharing
  • Read & delivey receipts
  • Screen Sharing
  • Online presence indicator
  • location sharing
  • Emojis & Stickers
  • Broadcast messaging
  • Typing indicators
  • Audio message
  • Secret message
  • Audio translate
  • Self destruct timer

Chat Groups & Messaging Channels for Varying Audience Sizes

Scalable chat APIs from private groups to broadcasting channels

Create Groups, Private & Public Channels

Based on your business needs, create a chat room app or a broadcasting channel and keep your users informed. Secure collaborations of any type; from confidential chats in private groups to broadcasting information to unlimited members.

  • 1-1 & Group messaging
  • Pin post
  • User invite
  • File share
  • @Mentions
  • Unlimited members
  • Search Chat
  • Notification
  • Block spam
  • Comments
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Collaborate with Top Tools for Result Driven Chat App Analytics

Valuable insights for proactive business decisions

Device and Platforms

With our deep device level chat metrics and best chat SDKs for Android or IOS, create a chat app with consistent performance across platforms.

User count

Investigate user behaviour and serve better with analytics and reports at different levels: new users, concurrent users, repeat users, etc.


With location or geo level reports and actionable insights, create location-specific strategies for optimized cost, effort and sales.

Users engaged in groups

Track and monitor common characteristics and behaviours of users engaged in groups and tweak features or share information of common interest and improve engagement.

Browser, OS

Download detailed reports at browser and OS levels. Understand application’s performance, evaluate user intent and improve the overall chat experience.

Demographic data

Access deep analytics and reports of customer engagement at a demographic level (age, gender, etc). Provide accurate and personalized solutions.

Advanced Application Security and Compliance Standards

Committed to trust and safety

AES Encryption

Building a web chat application also calls for…

End-to-end encryption

Our end-to-end encryption approach makes user…

Application Security

Ensure secure access to the application via…

Signal Protocol

The personal information of your users is…

Attack Prevention

Security assessments are performed at every…

Spam Protection

Improve your user’s trust with our chat…

Certifications & Regulations that attest our Integrity & Security Standards

Privacy policies as basic principles

Redefining Chat Solutions for Every Industry need

Revenue steering rich communication experiences

  • Telehealth
  • Edu tech
  • Marketplace
  • On-Demand
  • Real Estate
  • IoT Devices
  • Banking & Finance
  • Food & Beverage

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